Concept-based learning and progressive improvement are two main approaches I am going to focus in my teaching.

- Brian Toh Eng Kiat -
  • Step 1

    Helping your child to develop an interest in Math

    Interest is the primary factor that we need to address first. If your child is not interested in the subject, he/she will find Math boring, which will result in difficulty coping and thus do badly for their exams. In my class, I will help your child to develop an interest in Math through the following methods :

    • Using visual method in my teaching to let your child realise how amazing Math is.
    • Provide some real life examples where we use Math and show them how important math is in our daily lives.
    • Boost their confidence by imparting them simple and effective methods on how to solve Math questions.
  • Step 2

    Building solid foundation

    A solid math foundation is essential for your child to succeed. Without solid basic math skills, children will probably have a hard time in school and there forth.

    Students with weak basic math skills find the subject increasingly confusing and difficult, thus resulting in poor grades. You might notice that your child starts to develop 'Math anxiety'. When your child starts developing a solid math foundation, you will be amazed at how the stress, caused by poor math skills, disappears. You might even hear your child say that math is fun!

    With my guidance, I will help your child to build up a solid foundation in a systematic approach by using simple concept and visual means.

  • Step 3

    Improving their mental calculation ability

    With the approval of calculators, children are relying too much on calculators and this has weakened their ability to do mental calculations and hence resulting in them making careless mistakes for problems where calculators are not allowed.

    In my class, I will provide them with challenging mental sum questions which will assist them in improving their mental calculation abilities.

  • Step 4

    Creative problem solving

    Problem solving skills is a crucial technique which every student should master. If your child is equipped with creative problem solving skills, it will enable them to tackle problem sums effectively and efficiency.

    In my class, I will help your child to develop strong problem solving skills by imparting them effective and efficient methods to solve problem sums. Plus, i will be providing them with IQ questions which will enhance their creativity skills.

  • Step 5

    Tackling examination question

    Last but not least, besides having a good knowledge in Math, your child needs to be 'exam smart' as well so that he/she can apply what they have learnt. Under my guidance, I will impart them the necessary exam techniques (eg : how to spot questions etc) as well as what they should do in preparation for their examination.

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